Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poem Reading

HOlding on final blog

The first profile that I picked is hard job and you need patience for it. This profile means a lot to me and I know how it feels to work on that job. The first profile that I decided is called Percy Brigham and he is fisherman. This fisherman was hard worker and he didn’t want to just lay around and not doing nothing. He always wanted to fish the rest his live. Most of people think fishing is easy job, and you won’t get hungry. I tried fishing when I was in high school and the teacher took us to lake to fish. Fishing is no joke its dangerous job but its fun hunting all different kind fishes. One of my favorite fish to catch is salmon and also Percy loved catching that to. My second profile that I picked was Ms Augustine Martinez and she is healer. This woman believed she can cure people with her hands. Most people would go to someone that could heal them with miracle. I believe this women help so many people and changed their live.

Nature's Hidden Beauty

I am an Artist
Inspired by nature
Embracing the power within

I am one of the most compelling

I convey nature in all its beauty
To counter the eye of reality

I paint Largely colored flowers magnified to show the true colors of the world

It was my Instructor Arthur Dow
Who helped me find something of my own

I took a trip to Taos, New Mexico
Where I fell in love like a kid on christmas morning
With the open skies and sun-drenched landscape

A world wind of colors and imagination
Running wild for anyone to experience its beauty

I give objects a scene of power and beauty like giving someone inspiration

I am on of the most important and influential American painters

I am Georgia O’Keeffe

The End Of a Beautiful Life

The End of a Beautiful Life
As I look into the deep blue ocean;
And, the serene blue skies up above;
The birds are chirping all over
What a reflection of God’s divine love!
Families are enjoying the beaches  
As the animals are free to roam
I just marvel at how these fish can swim! 
As I walk slowly and head for home
But all sudden, the water grows still
And the scenery begins to change
Should I blame our lack of good leadership
Who chose big profits for fortune and fame
Their selfish, greed ideologies
Took on a powerful, towering affect
Their good moral judgment diminished
Along with dignity, love and respect
We had forsaken all living creatures
Which helps, too sustain our beautiful earth;
By depleting our environmental resources
While neglecting to value its worth
Without a doubt, we’ve paid a price
As anyone can see
The after effects of sprayed pesticides
And the hazards from DDT
With cancer, disease and sickness
Please tell me who can we trust?
When our family and friends have all passed away
And are no longer here with us
Were these the health dangers Rachel warned us about?
How can we deny?
That chemicals, technology and pesticides
Could be the end to human life.

I struggle and traveled.
Just to become artist.
Survived as an illustrator.
But never gave up on my hopes.
Believed my self. And rememebered that anything was possible.
Im good, but im going to be great.
Know what you can, and want to do in life.
Set goals for yourself, and work hard to a chieve them.
Know that the more you give, the more you will receive.
Believe in yourself, and your dream will come true.
My all time favorite arts was the Nighthawks,
It’s a night.
And the city is desrted.
The lucky ones are at home, or more likely.
There are non left.
In Hopper’s painting, four people remain.
The usual cat so to speak.
The man behind the counter, two men and a women.
Art lovers, you can stone me.
But I know this situation preatty well.

Lichtenstein's Work

The One and Only Septima Clark

The future civil rights leader and educator was born in Charleston
On a late spring
Not expecting to be part of any fantastical thing
Her father was a former slave from a low-country plantation
Who did not learn to read and write until he was a grown man
Septima could have begun teaching with an eighth grade education
But her mother insisted that she should get more education
It was difficult
But she still managed to pay $1.50 for tuition
Many years later she finally earned a college degree
She taught school in Columbia for eighteen years
With hard work and dedication she earned a ring
Overcame oppression
With hard work and dedication
And avoiding temptation
She finally united a whole nation

equal men kind

My name is John Brown
All I did was to free slaves
That was my job
And yes, it does make me proud
Because America is a melting pot
I believe God created equal men kind
Regardless of whether you are black or white.

I am an abolitionist or an antislavery
Because I was born into religious family
I battled with the slave owners
Gave free land to poor slaves

I launched guerilla attacks on the into pro slavery town
I raised black youth and treated them as they were my own
To protect runaway slaves, I participated in an Underground Railroad organization