Thursday, June 2, 2011

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HOlding on final blog

The first profile that I picked is hard job and you need patience for it. This profile means a lot to me and I know how it feels to work on that job. The first profile that I decided is called Percy Brigham and he is fisherman. This fisherman was hard worker and he didn’t want to just lay around and not doing nothing. He always wanted to fish the rest his live. Most of people think fishing is easy job, and you won’t get hungry. I tried fishing when I was in high school and the teacher took us to lake to fish. Fishing is no joke its dangerous job but its fun hunting all different kind fishes. One of my favorite fish to catch is salmon and also Percy loved catching that to. My second profile that I picked was Ms Augustine Martinez and she is healer. This woman believed she can cure people with her hands. Most people would go to someone that could heal them with miracle. I believe this women help so many people and changed their live.

Nature's Hidden Beauty

I am an Artist
Inspired by nature
Embracing the power within

I am one of the most compelling

I convey nature in all its beauty
To counter the eye of reality

I paint Largely colored flowers magnified to show the true colors of the world

It was my Instructor Arthur Dow
Who helped me find something of my own

I took a trip to Taos, New Mexico
Where I fell in love like a kid on christmas morning
With the open skies and sun-drenched landscape

A world wind of colors and imagination
Running wild for anyone to experience its beauty

I give objects a scene of power and beauty like giving someone inspiration

I am on of the most important and influential American painters

I am Georgia O’Keeffe

The End Of a Beautiful Life

The End of a Beautiful Life
As I look into the deep blue ocean;
And, the serene blue skies up above;
The birds are chirping all over
What a reflection of God’s divine love!
Families are enjoying the beaches  
As the animals are free to roam
I just marvel at how these fish can swim! 
As I walk slowly and head for home
But all sudden, the water grows still
And the scenery begins to change
Should I blame our lack of good leadership
Who chose big profits for fortune and fame
Their selfish, greed ideologies
Took on a powerful, towering affect
Their good moral judgment diminished
Along with dignity, love and respect
We had forsaken all living creatures
Which helps, too sustain our beautiful earth;
By depleting our environmental resources
While neglecting to value its worth
Without a doubt, we’ve paid a price
As anyone can see
The after effects of sprayed pesticides
And the hazards from DDT
With cancer, disease and sickness
Please tell me who can we trust?
When our family and friends have all passed away
And are no longer here with us
Were these the health dangers Rachel warned us about?
How can we deny?
That chemicals, technology and pesticides
Could be the end to human life.

I struggle and traveled.
Just to become artist.
Survived as an illustrator.
But never gave up on my hopes.
Believed my self. And rememebered that anything was possible.
Im good, but im going to be great.
Know what you can, and want to do in life.
Set goals for yourself, and work hard to a chieve them.
Know that the more you give, the more you will receive.
Believe in yourself, and your dream will come true.
My all time favorite arts was the Nighthawks,
It’s a night.
And the city is desrted.
The lucky ones are at home, or more likely.
There are non left.
In Hopper’s painting, four people remain.
The usual cat so to speak.
The man behind the counter, two men and a women.
Art lovers, you can stone me.
But I know this situation preatty well.

Lichtenstein's Work

The One and Only Septima Clark

The future civil rights leader and educator was born in Charleston
On a late spring
Not expecting to be part of any fantastical thing
Her father was a former slave from a low-country plantation
Who did not learn to read and write until he was a grown man
Septima could have begun teaching with an eighth grade education
But her mother insisted that she should get more education
It was difficult
But she still managed to pay $1.50 for tuition
Many years later she finally earned a college degree
She taught school in Columbia for eighteen years
With hard work and dedication she earned a ring
Overcame oppression
With hard work and dedication
And avoiding temptation
She finally united a whole nation

equal men kind

My name is John Brown
All I did was to free slaves
That was my job
And yes, it does make me proud
Because America is a melting pot
I believe God created equal men kind
Regardless of whether you are black or white.

I am an abolitionist or an antislavery
Because I was born into religious family
I battled with the slave owners
Gave free land to poor slaves

I launched guerilla attacks on the into pro slavery town
I raised black youth and treated them as they were my own
To protect runaway slaves, I participated in an Underground Railroad organization

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Korczak Ziolkowski

“Don’t Forget Your Dreams”

From Boston to Normandy
From Clocks to Mountains
From Family to Strangers
The Storyteller left
His mark on them all

Wounded at birth without parents,
He trudged on.
Luck guided him to Mount Rushmore
Yet he seeked more.

Fought in battle at Omaha beach
He would not give up, when wounded.

Home became the Black Hills,
The center of the World.
Theirs and now his.

Through winters cold
Or broken bones
Or heart attacks
He pressed on.

With rewarding work
Came joyce happiness
A wife and ten children
Joined his life.

Blast and Blast and Blast again.
Time rolled on,
Like an hour glass in slow motion
Until fatal hour.

Sadly claimed
By deaths cold embrace
His entombment
Beneath his last great monument
There forever “Left Unknown”

But even still his dream lives on

Rubrics by Kubrick

In such a wicked world where we live

We close our eyes so as not to give,

Where there is so much violence, insanity and disease

My brother, My brother, please

So hiding these truths in books is something we all can agree

Never wanting them to reach the Hollywood lights shining on the bright marquee,

But at last there is a man named Stanley who corrects these things

His truths rising like water from the springs

His screenplay and direction in A Clockwork Orange revealed our true selves as we are today

While his 2001: A Spaceship Odyssey spoke of computers named Hal who fail to obey,

Although his works are considered science fiction

I’m left wondering if they’re not a true prediction

For aren’t all visionaries suppose to foresee what’s ahead

And speak those words better left unsaid,

Because our tomorrows are like looking onto the open sea

We need a captain to keep our ship clear and free

Stanley Kubrick takes us to that place

Which is normally so difficult to embrace,

But eventually our eyes open and we try to see

All those things that Stanley has brought for you and me

Abdullahi and Abdifatah

The Road

1. What is the fire represent?
2. what reason did the mother committed suicide?
The American Dream

1. How did the failures of Martin Luther King Jr. continue to drive the Civil Rights Movement?
2. How did the Hamiltonian society shape our current communites and cities?

John Ford

“I make westerns”

I was one of the first
Nobody did it better than me
Visions in my head
Spinning like Ferris wheel

There were a lot
Of Uzis in
My western movies

I even fought
For my country
Saw bodies fly like birds

I loved directing movies,
Even though some flopped
Most of them were great
Like heaven on earth

But sometimes
I went crazy
Like the man who shot liberty

I won many awards
I was the best director ever
My movies will live on forever.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Diane Arbus

A tragic figure,

Always seeing the obscure

Taking portraits of empathy

Unable to escape the images in her mind

A tortured restless soul

Giving compassion to others, showing their beauty

Unable to see her own

The ups and downs

Black and white

Her parents encouraged her

Stieglitz influenced her

Showing her Brady and O'Sullivan

With her husband she did advertising

Restless and blue, taking after her mother

Popular with magazines

She didn't know she was like a modern Van Gogh

Photographs from Diane Arbus...

Stephen Hawking

Mind in a Chair

A regular black hole in science,
The center of it all
Challenging the standings,
But unable to walk.

Cambridge Math Professor
More genius than the rest.
He's lives in his chair
69 with ALS

A computer does his talking
But none could compare
His dream for solving
The theory of everything

Unable to speak for many years
Still teaching every day
He lives for the questions
Still yearns for the answers

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Magic Walt Disney

Life begin in 1901
Born with name Walter Elias Disney
He the fourth son

When young,
Start to interests in drawing art
Sell the drawing to neighbor

He studied art and photography at school

Temporary job is created ads

Start own business
often have money problem

But become famous in the field of entertainment

Co-founder of Walt Disney Productions
As the same as Walt Disney Company
Best known motion picture producers in the world
Start the animation and theme park design
Creator of Mickey Mouse,
Famous start and the magic start as well

He is like a legend for Disneyland
He is like a magical person that start the magic in entertainment

Founder of Disneyland,
famous park around the world

He died at 1966
He is 65 years old
He is a creator
An imaginative person

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poem- Sally Ride

I Am More Than You Thought

I am 60 years old
I love children
And helping to accurately
Education them
Education is a priority
To me

At age 27 I obtained
A doctorate in physics

June 18th 1983
I flew with NASA
As a mission specialist
Aboard the STS-7

After the Challenger accident of 86’
I was appointed to the
Presidential Commission investigation
Then I became a college professor of Physics

Ten years ago I stated an organization
In my name
To help girls and young women pursue
Careers in science or technology
I’ve written five science books for children
And I have won countless awards

My name is Sally Ride
I was the first female to enter space
They said I couldn’t make it
That a women astronaut and physicist was as crazy as a mad bull
But my knowledge and determination swept them away like a rip current
And I proved them wrong


Roy Lichtenstein had the type of art that literally went--------->

Pop Art was the game
Roy Lichtenstein was the name

I came from Manhattan
I started my art when I was young
I became fascinated with bright color
My colors are as bright as a spotlight

I moved to Ohio
My objective was fine arts
I was an Ohio State Buckeye

I took a break from school
It was time to go to WWII
I would come home to tragedy
I would come home to see my father pass away

I became a professor at Ohio State
I would only be there ten years

I moved to Cleveland to hone my skills
I decorated windows to pay the bills

I finally moved to New York City
I would start my first art studio

I was interested in making comic book art
I was not an original
I was the best at what I did
I was appreciated for my colorful work
The kids loved my work

My art exploded off the canvas like a bomb

Boom, Boom, Pow

That is the sound of my art

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Movements of Martha Graham

Rob Lloyd
The Movements of Martha Graham

Movement to dance
Music to moves
Contorting and twisting
To the eye as it soothes

Why I chose to be a dancer
I did not choose
I was chosen to be a dancer
Live your life with nothing to lose

With all of my movements
I wanted to begin
Not with characters or ideas
String up the violin

Dancers are messengers
The messengers of Gods
I will defy my family’s wishes
I will defy all the odds

Percussive Movements
Boom, Twist, Pop
Percussive Movements
One cannot stop

I balance like a crane
I peak like the dawn
I’m the center of all gravity
While as graceful as a swan.

At a lonely window
Passion birthed a crescent moon
And every tale spun of sorrow
And every creature’s joyous tune

Left abandoned but for movement
Left abandoned but for song
The lost forgotten ancient river
Flows now through Babylon

I worked as an instructor
Choreographer, performer
Nicknamed the mother of modern dance
Moved from colder to warmer

I move like the elements
Staggering, Still and Smooth
I’m flexible like the wind
The Mastery of the move

We are not dancers
Because we are good
We are all dancers
For our passion understood

I bestow this upon you
My own soul and gift
I’ll twirl and swirl-
And whirl and drift

The only sin is mediocrity
As to only not try
The only sin is not giving everything
I’ll do this until I die

15 minutes of fame

Everyone wants to have
Their 15 minutes of fame

Either in movies, books
Painting or photography

I will always have my 15 minutes

I was loner as a child
Very close to my mother

Best known for my art
You’ll need a million bucks to buy it

I painted people that were as famous as the stars
Like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis

I will always have my 15 minutes

I painted a new type of Icon
And changed the way you view coca-cola and Campbell’s products

I became the muse for Velvet underground
The In crowd came to my factory to play

I lived in style
I was buried in style,
I wore a cashmere suit, a paisley tie, a platinum wig and sunglass.

I’m as bright as a peacock
I have many colors

Some people might say I was a little cuckoo
But I will always have my 15 minutes of fame.

Ain't I A Woman?

Ain't I A Woman?

Isabella Baumfree
Born poor in upstate New York
Sold at the age of nine
Slave who worked hard for her master
Boom, sold just like that

Beaten and bruised
Til she was black and blue
She was sold again

Dear lord, I pray
We need you like a heart beat

She changed her name to start over
She fell in love faster than lightning
Thirteen children later

Soon, she was as free as wind blowing
Because she walked away from slavery
She became a preacher
Sharing God’s word for all to hear
Fighting for women’s rights
Oh, Sojourner Truth

the Bird that flew to the north

I was born Thelonious Monk
But im known as the Bird
Born in the south flew
To the north like a bird
To accomplish my dream to
Be a Jazz musician
My style was “hard-swinging”
And considered one of the giants in the game

I competed with the greats
And only came in 2nd
But I was still featured on time
To leave a trace of my life
Largely self-taught and
Im not trying to brag but
Should have been the
Greatest one

Art creates Art

Art creates Art

dentistry school
I don't think so!

education and entertainment mixed
I can retell my father's story
a Jewish mouse

after thirteen years
underground comix movement
my creation emerged
like an animal from a cave

writing with a picture
Picasso as my inspiration
tell a story and be comical

a mutual hate
like cat and mouse
a subtle comparison
revealing extraordinary lives

the Holocaust
cat vs. mouse
Germans vs. Jews

my father speaks
I write
the World reads
the World learns

brainstorming from Carlos and John

The road
• Is the constant battle to survive worth it in the state of the world
• How important is the relationship between the boy and the father
The American dream
• In today’s modern society where you can make so much money gambling have we lost the puritan ethic that we once hold so dear still be present
• How did the civil war shape Abraham Lincoln beliefs and views

Brainstorming from Emilie and Chad

The Road
1- Why does the wife embrace death rather than life?
2- What powers do names hold in this wasteland?

The American Dream
1- How has the puritan lifestyle effaced the present day America?

Brainstorming from Rhonda and Anna

The Road

1.  How does the reliability of the father on his son effect the strength of their relationship throughout their journey in The Road?

2.  How important is that the father and son continue to be the good guys and retain compassion even when encountering the bad guys?

The American Dream

1.  The dream of equality has progressively increased throughout american history for all people regardless of race, religion, color or ethnicity.

2.  All individuals should take responsibility to achieve upward mobility in an effort to become successful.

The United States of America provides all individuals with an opportunity to achieve homeownership.


I Fought Goliath

My name is Harvey Milk
In high school and college
I was one of the boys
I excelled at football
I was the class clown
No one suspected there was another side to me

I went to college and majored in Mathematics
I served in the Navy and fought in the Korean War
I became a successful Wall Street banker
Unsatisfied I gave all that up
Life was calling me to do so much more

I moved to San Francisco
I settled in on Castro Street
I started my life over and began to embrace my disease
I rubbed elbows with future politicians and artists
I knew people present at the Stonewall Riots
I was ready to come out

My name is Harvey Milk

Social injustices caused me to rise from my chair
It wasn’t enough to be a business owner on Castro Street
I became the Mayor
Put a face to the people and you give them hope
I was wise about publicity and broke down stereotypes
I was peaceful and strong like the waves crashing to shore

We are gay and lesbian, we are queens, and we are transgender
Most of all we are human
I ran three times for public office before I finally won
There was criticism and roadblocks
Amid death threats, I prevailed
It was a huge win for us
I changed the face of politics

My life was about getting the freedom to be who I wanted
Freedom for everyone like me to live openly
I firmly believed amid all the chaos
Hope was all this world needed
Danger lurks around every corner
Progress cannot be made from fear

If a bullet should enter my brain
Let that bullet destroy every closet door
I wasn’t trying to become a martyr
I was just a guy trying to make things fair
I was the dove that flew out and came back with the olive branch
My name is Harvey Milk

By Karis Jones

Brainstorming from Jacquelene and Rob

The Road questions
1. In The Road how does the boy grow from the lessons and value he learns?
2. What does Cormac McCarthy use in The Road to serve as warnings to the man and the boy?

Thesis statements for the American Dream.
1. The American Dream, no matter what the form has always been one of gain.
2. In the American Dream people have always wanted freedom of choice.

Sean's and Drew's Questions are Better Than Yours

The Road
1.) How does the boy represent god throughout the novel?

2.) Should the man have kept the boy alive in their postapocalyptic wasteland?

The American Dream
1.) How has the dream of upward mobility shaped our culture?

2.) How did the Hamiltonian society shape our current communites and cities?

What Betty Said

Betty Friedan wasn’t a man
But thought she should warrant attention
For working as hard and being as smart
As all of the men in Northampton.

At college she wrote in a radical vein
About unions and war and things that caused pain.
She queried her colleagues and alumni alike
To find out what caused pain in their lives.

This led to a book called the Feminine Mystique
About which the world would soon enough speak.
In it she wrote that women are able
To do more than clean and put food on the table.
Women have rights to jobs and careers.
She was their champion when no one would hear.

She was a rock
She held firm to her notions
That women are worthy of getting promotions.

She founded the N.O.W.* and started a trend
She worked like a dog for women and men.
She led a big strike and marched in the City
And expanded the movement for equatability.

Equal pay for equal work was a tenet of hers she would not shirk.
Abortion rights were important as well.
And the Equal Rights Amendment was hard to dispel.
She worked her whole life for ideals like these.
So women today would not have to appease.

My mother was influenced way back in the day.
By things that Betty Friedan had to say.
She went to college and worked and had us.
All because Betty made such a fuss.

* National Organization for Women

Brainstorming for Jordan and Britny

The Road
1) Did the walk to the coast help or hurt the father?
2) Was the struggle of staying alive and keeping the boy healthy worth the final payoff?

The American Dream
1) The idea that there is always something to work for that is better than what you have.
2) Do Americans take the American Dream for granted?

Brainstorming from Huancai and Jason

The Road questions:

How did the father protect the son physically and morally, both?

Why are the father and son heading to the coast? What do they expect to find?

The American Dream ideas:

The dream of equality has been a driving force that has been key in shaping America since its founding.

The dream of betters ones self is so wide spread, but it also the most unique from person to person.
A simple beginning
A Wisconsin foundation

His mother’s influence
Simple shapes

Bright colors
Repeating patterns

Unity chapel
His first building

Form follows function
Not a wasted space

Organic colors, organic feel
House and land blend together

Brick by brick, board by board
He built his career like a foundation

First of his time, deep in fame
He rose in fame like a canted roof

White hair, white snow
Expierence etched across his face

Tweed jackets, Red Ties
Red Bricks, Brown Tiles

One of a kind
He and his buildings are one.

Brainstorming from Karis and Jared

The Road:

How does the child in The Road mature throughout the book and prepare for independance?

How is the innonce of the boy transferred to the other characters we meet throughout the book?

The American Dream:

How does pursuing the "Good Life" effect a person's morality and values? Do you think that compromise is a necessity to reach this goal?

How did the failures of Martin Luther King Jr. continue to drive the Civil Rights Movement, and the desire for Upward Mobility among African Americans?

Brainstorming from Elizabeth & Jill

The Road:

1- How does the father and son demonstrate care for one another?

2- Why do you think carrying the fire is so important to the father and the son throughout the book?

The American Dream:

1- How did The American Dream represent the importance of having your own dream?

2- Why is home ownership a part of The American Dream and do you think it will be part of it in the future?

Louis Bromfield: Self Sustaining Garden

Mansfield’s favorite son
He has a plan
To write, have some fun
Then attempt to save the land

Crop rotation is like rebirth
Determined to renew the soil
Determined to have better stewardship

A new kind of pioneer
Not one to rape the land
But one who will stay here
One who creates new land

His father was a farmer
His grandfather was a farmer
His great grandfather was a farmer
His mother hoped for writing

After the University of Cornell
Pulitzer Prize came from Early Autumn

He got rid of pesticides and chemicals of the same
He goes down in the Ohio Agriculture Hall of Fame

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journal six: disabilities

Ms Pat Furlong sons and Dj Gregory were both sharing same illness. Ms Furlong were seeing here both sons were not acting normal, and she began seeing her sons falling on ground trying to lift himself up with his armpits. Dj Gregory was person that loved playing golf; he would do everything to play golf. When he was young his dads used teach him how to play golf with holding cane and swing golf ball. The one quote that I like the most is when he said “I would count how many falls I hit to the ground and I would also trying to learn of it that mistake so that it wouldn’t happen to me again”. Hear that from person who is barley can walking that’s powerful. So many people want take advantage of there both legs and this person would walk miles after miles to see the sport that he loved.
Pat furlong was amazing mother that loved her kids to death and she would do anything for them, just like when the doctor told her that her kids would never walk again and they would die on that illness they got. She started not to listing to them and began to raise money for establish a research center for her kids and other kids who have same illness. I like when she said “from the day my sons were diagnosed, I wanted to buy time.’ Who would think like that, she didn’t even care about the money and the time. Seeing those illnesses reminds me my brother son who is 7 yrs old that has autism. Seeing that kids that does talk and also having diaper .

journal 6

After reading mother courage and watching the video walk on I believe that the lesion to be learned is not to give up on your goal. Both set them self’s what seemed like unreachable goals and both never gave up despite the odds and the criticism they got from the people around them. The most memorable part, for me, would be all that pat had done for Duchenne research. To go around the world and research and then to start a research center the first in the world no less is a remarkable accomplishment and inspiring.

““you have to do this, I made up a big lie,, oh, my gosh-I’m crazy, I’m a lair but you have to come!” he just said, ’O.K.’” furlong shrugged.” I think he was afraid of me.”” This is the part of the story were Pat try to convenes Anderson to join the fight against Duchenne. I think this is very powerful moment were Pat lays everything on the table and actually breaks down but it works out.


I think that DJ Gregory and Pat Furlong are both inspirational in their own ways. Both of them would not take no for an answer, and they were the ones who inspired others around them not to give up as well. It was Furlongs love for her sons Patrick and Christopher that made her continue her journey to get them the right help.Even if she did make people close to her mad. It was Gregory's will to succeed that made him the person he became today. They both inspired me. Gregory inspired the entire PGA community, as well as, many other people who saw his accomplishment. To walk 0ver 900 miles with his disability was truly inspirational. I think that having a disability is something that can make a person stronger.
I myself have a disability. Although nothing compared to what the Furlongs or Gregory went through. I was Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and have had constant struggle to try and overcome my memories from Iraq, as well as, my temper when I get frustrated. I decided that I was not going to use PTSD as an excuse to be mean, or demand sympathy. I instead try to help other Veterans who want to talk about their problems and struggles. I am going to use my disability as a tool to help, rather than a crutch to complain.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I think that the best thing that we can learn from the mother courage reading and the video about DJ Gregory is that you should do what you set yourself to do in life without anyone telling you that can’t do because nothing is impossible. I think the most memorable thing for me from the reading was that pat furlong was so persistent with what she wanted and never gave up when some of the doctors turn her down. To me this is important because one of my cousins has a muscular dystrophy disease but I’m not really sure what type it is since it’s a really emotional subject to talk about with my uncle. I know that my cousin got diagnose when he was around one and hasn’t been able to walk since them.
““I love what you’re doing for the fifteen per cent of the patients—now you got to do something for the rest””. This is the quote when pat is talking the CEO of Therapeutics, which was developing a drug for kids with duchenne. I like this quote because it shows how persistent pat was with getting done what she wanted. I also like the fact that she was doing this to help everyone that needed help and not just do it for her own kinds. Another story that shows what persistent can bring to you is the story of DJ Gregory which was told that he would never walk because of the disease he had but yet in 2008 he did something that nobody had ever done before which was to walk every whole in every PGA tournament that year.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Journal Six

In the reading “mother Courage,” pat Furlong was a nurse and her sons was floppy like she said. She had a bad feeling about them that they were different than the other kids. Because while the other kids are playing and jumping her sons are coloring. What I learned about this story Furlong tried everything traveling across the country to even Europe asking questions to professionals and looking answers to cure her sons. just to make sure that her sons are okay and will be treated by the Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The connection that im making to my own life and experience is Furlong is a good mother and love her sons and I experienced that don’t give up.
DJ Gregory was a golfer and the doctor told him that he will never be able to walk. But he didn’t give up his hope and did something anyone in the couldn’t do walking walking in the whole golf course almost more than 900 miles. He did the same thing that Furlong traveling across the country. I learned that when sone one tell you that you cant do anything don’t listen to them and try your best, don’t ever give up on your hopes.

Hope is Everything

I think what is to be learned from both the DJ Gregory video and the Mother Courage reading is that you should never give up hope, never stop fighting. Look at what the doctors told Pat Furlong, “There is no hope and no help-just take them home and love them. They’re going to die”. I can’t imagine what it would be like to receive this kind of knows about your children, and further more I can’t even begin to imagine the strength it took to keep fighting even when everyone she met told her it was hopeless. Similarly DJ’s parents were told that he would never walk, and never leave a wheelchair he was bound for. His parents didn’t take the news as fact, but instead they went and proved it false and in years DJ would do something that no one else had done. He set a goal that even some completely health people couldn’t do. He went out and achieved it. Now yes Pat Furlongs two children died in the end so her fighting was as it sadly turned out futile to prevent their deaths, but I think that there is meaning in the fight. Through her fight Pat reached out and started to help other families that were going through the same tragic disease as her two boys. Her fight for her family became the fight for people she had never met, people that may never know who she is.
In terms of connections, my cousin has MS pretty bad. She uses two crouches to get around, won’t drive a car, and never lead a normal life. Now these words “never” and “wont” are just words. They are ones I hate to use with people like my cousin because if the people around them give up it just becomes that much harder. I would love for her to live a normal life, I would love for her to drive, but when her family and friends expect nothing of her how can she expect more of herself. It’s hard to be around her because of that, but I am glad these two sources didn’t give up.

Disabilities create persistence

Both Dj Gregory and Pat Furlong have extremely unique and interesting stories. So much is to be learned and appreciated from these two stories. The most important thing that these two people share is the power of persistence.
When Pat Furlong learned that her son's had Duchenne she immediately took action. She did everything that she could to find a cure to help her children. She then realized that when more people were effected by this disease as well, she expanded her research and improved her persistence with the doctors to help not only her children but everyone's children who may have this disease. Even after her boys died, she didn't give up. Doctor Sweeney explains her persistence and drive on page 70, "I thought that, like most of the parents, Pay would never want to hear the name of the disease again- she would disappear, her organization would disappear, and that would be it. But, to my surprise, if anything she came back to me even more aggressive." Her persistence in such a hard time is very powerful and admirable.
Dj Gregory also had extreme persistence. Being told as a child that you would never walk is a hard concept to understand. Through many surgeries, Dj was able to learn to walk little by little. As he grew into his teen years, he wanted to play sports but due to his disability he could only play golf. He discovered a love for the sport and and play it even with bad legs. Every step he takes is a step of hope. His persistence to walk went so far as to make a goal to walk every hole of every round of the PGA tour in 2008. Remember, most golfers don't walk at all in the game of golf because of golf carts. However, a man who was told that he would never walk made a goal to walk over 900 miles! It might sound crazy but I find it very inspiring as did many golfers in the tour. "I won't let anyone tell me no," Dj said.
Both of these people are extremely inspirational and make us think about all of the things we take for granted. The fact that I can get place to place because I have full use of my legs is not something that I thank God for everyday. When Dj began to walk, he must have been extremely thankful. Pat also inspired me because she never gave up. Even many years after her sons died, she still was persistent in finding a cure.