Thursday, June 2, 2011

The One and Only Septima Clark

The future civil rights leader and educator was born in Charleston
On a late spring
Not expecting to be part of any fantastical thing
Her father was a former slave from a low-country plantation
Who did not learn to read and write until he was a grown man
Septima could have begun teaching with an eighth grade education
But her mother insisted that she should get more education
It was difficult
But she still managed to pay $1.50 for tuition
Many years later she finally earned a college degree
She taught school in Columbia for eighteen years
With hard work and dedication she earned a ring
Overcame oppression
With hard work and dedication
And avoiding temptation
She finally united a whole nation


  1. Ithought you had a very interesting person and clearly stated her great accomplishments. Good job!

  2. you picked amazing person, she did alot of things many people cant.i wish we could have someone like here.,

  3. I always enjoy learning about african american's who helped pave the way. Good job on your research and poem.

  4. i really like the person you pick and never knowing anything about her before really enjoyed learning about her

  5. i didnt know anything about her bu thanks to you i learned so much about her now.


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