Thursday, June 2, 2011

HOlding on final blog

The first profile that I picked is hard job and you need patience for it. This profile means a lot to me and I know how it feels to work on that job. The first profile that I decided is called Percy Brigham and he is fisherman. This fisherman was hard worker and he didn’t want to just lay around and not doing nothing. He always wanted to fish the rest his live. Most of people think fishing is easy job, and you won’t get hungry. I tried fishing when I was in high school and the teacher took us to lake to fish. Fishing is no joke its dangerous job but its fun hunting all different kind fishes. One of my favorite fish to catch is salmon and also Percy loved catching that to. My second profile that I picked was Ms Augustine Martinez and she is healer. This woman believed she can cure people with her hands. Most people would go to someone that could heal them with miracle. I believe this women help so many people and changed their live.

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