Thursday, June 2, 2011

I struggle and traveled.
Just to become artist.
Survived as an illustrator.
But never gave up on my hopes.
Believed my self. And rememebered that anything was possible.
Im good, but im going to be great.
Know what you can, and want to do in life.
Set goals for yourself, and work hard to a chieve them.
Know that the more you give, the more you will receive.
Believe in yourself, and your dream will come true.
My all time favorite arts was the Nighthawks,
It’s a night.
And the city is desrted.
The lucky ones are at home, or more likely.
There are non left.
In Hopper’s painting, four people remain.
The usual cat so to speak.
The man behind the counter, two men and a women.
Art lovers, you can stone me.
But I know this situation preatty well.


  1. It interesting that how he didn't give up being artist even it was hard for him. People should not give up their goal up even it is hard to achieved and try your best at it.

  2. i like the picture you choose for your peom..and also the man did not give up his goal that he wanted to acheive.

  3. i like how you started with your presentation


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