Thursday, June 2, 2011

The End Of a Beautiful Life

The End of a Beautiful Life
As I look into the deep blue ocean;
And, the serene blue skies up above;
The birds are chirping all over
What a reflection of God’s divine love!
Families are enjoying the beaches  
As the animals are free to roam
I just marvel at how these fish can swim! 
As I walk slowly and head for home
But all sudden, the water grows still
And the scenery begins to change
Should I blame our lack of good leadership
Who chose big profits for fortune and fame
Their selfish, greed ideologies
Took on a powerful, towering affect
Their good moral judgment diminished
Along with dignity, love and respect
We had forsaken all living creatures
Which helps, too sustain our beautiful earth;
By depleting our environmental resources
While neglecting to value its worth
Without a doubt, we’ve paid a price
As anyone can see
The after effects of sprayed pesticides
And the hazards from DDT
With cancer, disease and sickness
Please tell me who can we trust?
When our family and friends have all passed away
And are no longer here with us
Were these the health dangers Rachel warned us about?
How can we deny?
That chemicals, technology and pesticides
Could be the end to human life.


  1. Rhonda- I enjoyed learning about your person. Marine Biology is a neat thing and it was cool to hear about how she really enjoyed nature.

  2. Rhonda!!! I loved your poem! This lady is very interesting and you brought her to life with your poem.

  3. I really loved your poem, the rhyming was amazing! You made it look so easy! But your person was very interesting, it’s amazing that she was speaking out against pesticides 50 years ago.

  4. This lady is interesting and I had enjoy learning about her. It is nice that she really enjoyed the nature.

  5. This was a very vivid poem! I love how you wrote it, I learned about her in science class when i was in middle and high school. I definitely think you nailed this!

  6. The rhyming in this was so good and meaningful. I think that you really fantastic job with this poem.


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