Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Penal System

I researched the number of persons incarcerated in American Prisons. The number of people reached over two million last year. I think that this number is absolutely ridiculous. I think laws such as, the 3 strikes laws, need to be amended. They often lock people up who do not deserve to spend life behind bars. They could be better suited for rehabilitation. I believe major felonies, and violent criminals are the only people who deserve to spend life behind bars. Maybe we could save some tax dollars down the road.

The story that stuck out to me for the last readings was the story about Marie Coombs. She really fascinated me because of her long time work with the local newspaper. I think it is very admirable to be able to stay with something as long as she did. On top of being the editor, she was also the journalist who went out and collected the news from the community. This takes a lot of time and hard work. My favorite part of her story was the part where she talked about, making sure the paper was done before she made her husband's funeral arrangements. That takes serious dedication and love for her job, and service to the community.


  1. i liked Marie Coombs also, its really cool how she has worked with it since she was four.

  2. i agree with the fact that violent criminals should spend life behind bars over other criminals. There are many people that will be in prison for life, and did something that is a big deal but shouldnt be behind bars for the rest of their lives.

  3. I agree about only serious criminals being locked up behind bars. I personally feel that the rehabilitation that should be maditory is for the persons to have an serve their country by joining the military. I think it should be mandatory and nothing bad could come from it.


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