Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writing exercise two

The public safety performance figured out that 1 in 100 adults are living behind bars in America. This is a problem that causes over crowding in jails, and an increase in peoples taxes to pay for the inmates. I think that the number of people behind jail is a problem and that we should have programs to help people not get in jail, but i do not think that we should give people passes on parole just because states are trying to cut their number down to save money.

My favorite reading for today was Hinkel Schillings and Shade Pate, the fox hunters. I found it really interesting that they remembered all the dogs they had and could tell you about them, and how they can tell their own dogs by their barks. I did not know that fox hunting did not kill the Fox's, just chase them around all night. They seemed like two happy guys who loved , and you can tell this by a quote shade said "you forget about all the worries and turmoils that's taking place..".


  1. i did some research on prisons too and it looks like it overcrowding could be a big problem

  2. I also noted in the profile of Hinkel Schillings and Shade Pate how much they knew about all their dogs! Even dogs that were no longer with them they could describe. The profile was eye opening to me because I has always assumed fox hunting was to kill fox.


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