Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion is extremely important to our basic identity.  As individuals, it allows us the right to worship, teach and observe according to our personal choice and chosen belief system.  To allow this freedom is one of our greatest human rights because it permits every individual to have their own basic identity without any government interference.  Within the United States of America we have a vast difference among people because we come from all different backgrounds, ethnicity and cultures.  By providing all individuals with the basic right to have the freedom of religion, it provides every individual a sense of freedom to freely worship, teach, practice and observe within our society without condemnation.  It is very unfortunate that in many other continents and countries throughout the world, people are being killed every day, all in the name of religion and standing for what they believe in.  For this reason, I do support freedom of religion and I agree that as an American citizen we are very fortunate to live within a society that not only recognizes the importance of freedom of religion but also values its significance, and has chosen to uphold this right of freedom to each and every human being residing within the country.


  1. I think that in some instances while there is "Freedom of Religion", I don't believe all groups have been made to feel that they are allowed to worship and exercise their right. Too often hate crimes occur in parts of the country that are targeted towards members of a particular religion. These events will get national and international attention a lot of the time, but you never hear about what the authorities are doing to mediate the situation to allow them to exercise their rights without fear of retaliation.

  2. There are very few people that would disagree with your view. The fact that America is so different makes freedom of religion possible unlike some other cultures.

  3. freedom of religion is important to our basic identity. some countries around the globe dont have freedom of religion. And the people that live there always fight against each other.


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