Thursday, April 14, 2011


For my journal two I decided to write about the story Prisoner. This was a really sad story about Moreese Bickham. It talked about how a black man served a jail term, because he was trying to protect himself. Bickham killed two officers before they tried to shot at him. “When he walked up to finish me off I shot him” (pg.35). “The other one, he run an’ grabbed his shotgun and pulled it around, and I shot him” (pg.35). This happen back in the days where black people barely had any rights. He pleaded quilty and served nearly his whole life behind bars. My two favorite quotes by far are “hope does something for a man-it makes him hang on to what little he got to get more” (pg.37). This shows that this guy never gives up on anything, and that even during the worst time in his life, he always has a slim hope. My other favorite quote is, “I might be too old to walk, or might not be worth anything, but I’m goin’ to get outta this” (pg.37). This quote also tells us more about Bickham that he never gives up anything , and that and doesn’t care how old he is he will always accomplish what he has to do.

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