Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jared Robinson Writing Exercise 4

John Winthrop was a very important person for the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Boston, however, one historical moment stuck out to me as the most interesting to show the true ways of the Puritans in the 1600's. Uppon arriving in America, Winthrop established the freemen who were men who shared governing powers. He had to deal with many problems form indians at first and then he had a real problem with Anne Hutchinson. She preached against the basic priniples of the Puritan society. She and her followers were considered not only enemies of Christ but of society. In 1637 Winthrop war reelected as governor and during this year he trieand and banished Anne Hutchinson. This just showed who serious the Puritans were and how cruel they are towards people who threaten their society.

Feedom of religion and its importance in America

In America today, freedom of religion and beliefs are one of the most important things that Americans have to call their own. If America was a place with no freedom of religion, we would see many more protests and people would die to support what they believe in. I personally do not get worked up over freedom of religion because I have what I believe and I don't care what others say about it. I would consider myself as a very independent person and I also would not be the one to try and make people change their beliefs. There could be some concerns about this in our country being the saftey of others. For example, the Puritan era changed to religious freedom and shortly after there was the Salem witch hunt trials. There is always going to be some kind of corruptness in religion. What makes religious freedom so good however is that it keeps everyone happy. Just because someone doesn't believe in God doesn't make them a bad person. If someone wants to worship the devil, as long as they are not effecting others then they should be free to do as they please. I believe this based on my independent point of view of things.


  1. Can you imagine if people still persecuted people for practicing witchcraft? There would be a lot of unhappy people.

  2. i think people would get really angry in our time if something like the salem witch trials happen


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