Thursday, April 21, 2011

Writing Exercsie 4: John Winthrop

I enjoyed learning more about the life of John Winthrop. From his difficult life he had growing up including losing three wives, to the hardships he faced as Justice of the Peace. Despite this, I think the most interesting thing I learned about him was that he was willing to risk everything, even his very life in order to practice his faith. He made a safe haven for other Puritans while still keeping in line with his core values. I can't imagine how much courage it would take to for someone like him to do that, but perhaps it was more faith than courage that guided him to the new world.

One of my sources was:

To answer the question what great strengths are in this concept of religious freedom, I would say that there are many. A few would be that it allows a country like the United States to exist. If we didn't have religious freedom, if we told people they couldn't practise this religion or that one it, it would lead to unrest and eventually violence which has been the pattern through out history. Another strength would be that people can truly decide if what they believe in is something of value to them and other people. If something is just rammed down your throat, are you more likely to believe in it than you would if you chose to believe it? Oh course not.


  1. I did not know that John Winthrop was a widower three times over. I wonder how the deaths of his wives affected his views on God and religion.

  2. I agree that religion shouldn't be "rammed down your throat". If you are giving the people the choice of following a certain path or death, there isn't any accomplishment in going through the motions for a religion you aren't fully invested in.

  3. I can't believe that he got through three wives deaths and still had faith. He must had been a really strong man.


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