Thursday, April 14, 2011

journal 2 prison research

I found that there are 7.3 million people in The United States prison system today. I honestly believe that if nothing is done with the growing numbers that sometime in the future problems will be to big for us to control, also the health concerns for prisoners in the prisons that are over crowded could get to an all time high. The country needs to start looking at the people in the system and start trying to see who would not be a threat to the community and let them out andput the on parol or house arrest to free up some room.

What stood out to me in the Shillings and Pate reading was that they were doing this for there whole lives and they've learned every single hounds sounds that are made when they take them out for the hunts. No matter how cold it got they were out laying under the stars a couple nights a week since they were between 9 and 14, and now they are 90 and 77. To these guys this is their passion and it is what keeps them close together.

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