Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prison's in the U.S.

I choose to write on the prisons in the United States simply for the fact that I am Criminology major. As of 2009, there are 2,297,400 inmates incarcerated in the U.S. prisons. Not to mention the 7,225,800 people who are in jail, on parole, and on probation. I believe it is a huge problem for the U.S., having so many people incarcerated. It is the most of any other country, China being second even though they have a much higher population. Also the prisons are over populated and our tax dollars have to pay to feed and care for the inmates. Even though it creates more jobs, I believe there are better ways of having people serve time than just be locked up and us resources for nothing. Nearly $68,747,203,000 is spent yearly on corrections when we could have none violent offenders possibly in the military serving their time to help their country.

The profile that I most connected to was the profile on Hinkel Schillings and Shade Pate. These two fox hunters from Center, Texas and Shade being seventy seven years old and Hinkel who is ninety years old. What stands out to me is the fact that they are older men and still have the energy to have 20 hounds hunting at one time. They also get to know their dogs like they are old friends and can tell which dog is which just by the sound of their bark. I connected to this profile simply because I can relate being an outdoorsman and i've also got friends who I can sit around a fire and tell hunting stories. These old timers still get a thrill, enjoy life to the fullest, and will probably be fox hunting until the day they die.

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