Thursday, April 14, 2011

This picture is of a really nice prison, not the typical kind at least. I choose to keep with the theme of Moreese Bickam, so I looked up how many people have been incarcerated in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) there is over 7,225,800 in the year 2009 and according to the graph below, this number will just continue to grow. I think the idea of until the 1980s the US population was going up faster the incarceration rate, but then when 1980 rolls around the incarceration rate sky rockets. Now this many have to do with the idea that the number of execution went down almost to 0, but then why the rise? Was it because people know that they wouldn’t be killed for doing bad things so why not! Was it because turning to crime was the only way to keep their family’s a float? Was it the culture that is propagated by “Pop culture” throughout the United States? Whatever the reason I think it is safe to say that this is a serious problem indeed. Whenever you have generations of people being born in to a society that not only impresses criminals as pop figures, but the justice systems lets this people get away with their crimes because of their fame. This is just reinforces the idea that crime is ok, that you can get away with it too, just like these people did. What happened to doing an honest day’s work? What happened to doing the right thing, not because it’s easy, but because it’s RIGHT? I think America will be a sad place if this trend continues into future generations. I really enjoyed the Schillings and Pate profile and the story of their fox hunting trips. I always thought of fox hunting as in peopel on horses chasing as dogs that are chasing a fox, but these guys just camped in a spot and let the hounds chase foxes all night. It sorta makes me wounder how many foxes these guys get, but I guess that not what really matters to them. I also enjoy camping out under the stars and can just imagen how cool it would be to just sit around the camp fire listening to the chaos going on all around them. One thing I was woundering is does the sound the hounds make sound anything like wolves?


  1. part of the problem is that judges are giving harsher and harsher sentencing for those who committ petty crimes. peole also age out of crime. we also have to think about crime as a deviant act, young adults thrive on the rush from doing something deviant. they do it for the rush rather than it being right or wrong.

  2. I agree and felt the same way on the prison system. I also choose

  3. i also choose Shillings and Pate. Just like most old timers, they go hunting for the "hunt". That is why it is called hunting. Its not about the kill. And the hounds wouldn't sound anything like a wolf. Hounds would have a bellow or cry like bark and the wolves would be more of a howl in one spot.


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