Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Journal two

Holding on is very good and is talking about lots of interesting stories. So far i didnt see anything bad about this book. And my active reading about this is really good i dont have any problems about it but there are some words and sentence that are really hard for me to understand other than that is really good. Steam train Maury Graham was my favorite profile because his story was really interesting touching. He started beaing a hobo at age of 13 and started going from state to state. "you in those bum camps and you might not come out of there. they will rob you and then hit you in the head," This was really good the way hobos help each other and that little secret they have to have few pebbles in their pocket and then throw the pebble in to the ground.

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  1. i like the whole idea of the Hobos, i like how they help each other


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