Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writing exercise 2

I wrote about fashion and civility. I stated that I thought our culture has lost a bit of something with the changes of dress. A came across a news article titled, When civility was the norm: Three fashion titans of yesteryear in which it describes a similar view in that people have become so lax that going out in your pajamas is acceptable. I just think that when you have respect for one’s self in all manners including dress, you retain a certain aura about one’s self, and when you don’t care and society doesn’t care how you maintain yourself, you do lose a little civility.

In the reading, My favorite person was Jim Searles, the checker's player and President of the Brooklyn Elite Checker Club. I enjoyed this story the most because it he talks about the simplicity of a single passion that means so much to him and his friends. Even through the good and the bad, they hold together the same passion for playing checkers, what it means to them, and the tradion of their way of checkers. It wasn't just a hobby but almost a way of life. A quote well put by Jim Searles was, "A man don't quit what he love. Love is a great thing!"


  1. Our society has changed so much over the years. I think it is crazy to think about the way it has changed. Just like you say here, clothing and dress have changed significantly. Years ago, people were not going out wearing pajama pants or sweat pants. I have to say, I am guilty of wearing sweats out in public. We have become a lazy country and we have lost some civility.

  2. I agree that as a society as a whole we have grown lax in what is acceptable attire for outside the home. College campuses are a good example of this: pajamas become a staple in some students wardrobes. There was a time when attending college was just like going to work, you took it seriously and looked the part.

  3. I agree that our society has changes years by years. People respect what you wear. But when you had to go to work, you can't wear a pajamas to it.When people go to work, they will need to look seriously.

  4. i agree that our society has gotten more lax in past years. the pajamas are a good point. i think in modern society we should try to dress up a little more but clothes ,that are nice, cost money and living on a part time job income and also going to school would make it hard to be less casual.


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