Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson was a women that came to Massachusetts with her family in 1634. Anne belonged to the Puritan community and began to hold discussion groups after Sunday services. Her discussion groups grew rapidly and many people came to listen to her speak. Soon her discussions turned against the Puritan religion, who thought that life was pre determined by God. Anne believed that a persons life was based on their merit, and that a persons faith was good enough. The political figures and Puritan clergy turned against her saying she was an unfit women for the society, and sent her to trial in 1637. She was found guilty of antinomian heresy and banished from the bay area. A few years later, in 1643, she and her family were killed in an Indian attack.

Freedom of religion in our society causes many problems, mainly because there are so many different religions. When you get so many a few are going to have conflicting views on the same subject, and the government cant pick on side because that would look like they though one was more important. A good example of this is the pledge of allegiance.
For many years everyone said 'In God we trust" but now there are so many different religions that the people that don't believe in God are offended or don't want to say the pledge of allegiance. Now the school districts are completely cutting the pledge of allegiance out of elementary schools so no one is offended. Simple things like that become huge issued because of our countries right of religious freedom. I understand why some people would think saying that is against their religious freedom, but its sad that I grew up saying that every morning before school and my children wont even know what the pledge of allegiance is!


  1. I think that by leaving God out of our of the pledge of allegiance they will prove that religion and state isn't being combined

  2. The pledge of allegiance was something that Americans were proud of at the founding of our country. But the under good is the most recent change to it, in 1954 in fact. So perhaps it could come out easier than other parts of the pledge.


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