Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Two: Reading Response

For journal two I discussed the profile in Holding On with Sylvia Rivera and deputy Seymour Pine about the Stonewall riots. It was my favorite reading because I believe the gay rights movement is a big deal in society. It especially meant a lot to me because I believe people should stand up for their beliefs and who they are and this is exactly what took place. I also really liked it because the profile inserted two different prespectives of that night. We got to read about Sylvia's experience as well as deputy Pine's. I wrote about the progress the gay rights movement has made since Sylvia's day. The Stonewall riot symbolized the beginning of this movement and I believe has helped the gay community come out and stand up for their beliefs.

For today, my favorite profile was Jim Searles. This profile stood out to me because it was another case of a group of men standing up for what they wanted. Their love for the game of checkers made them strong and motivated to find a place to play. "Checker players is really a brotherhood-like family." This is a strong bond that brought people together. Stories that involve people coming together and fighting for what they believe in always stands out to me.


  1. I really liked Jim Searles too. I loved that they took the time to find a place just for the game of checkers because they enjoyed playing. I also liked how competitive they were, yet they never got into huge arguments over winning or loosing.

  2. yes i like the Jim searles profile too because of how much he loves the game of checkers

  3. I like how you can obviously connect the two stories because they are both believing and standing up for something they love. Even though the two stories are complete opposite ends of the spectrum, its inspiring to see people sticking up for something and having so much passion for something they believe in.


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