Thursday, April 21, 2011

Writing Exercise 4

The person that I did my research on was Anne Hutchinson. I found out that she moved out and married at the age of 21. At this age she moved to Alford and became a house wife and an herbal healer and also became part of the puritan colony. This is where she started having meetings in her house where she preached against basic principles puritan religion.

Freedom of religion is very important to the American identity, because it allows us as people to express what we want and not be punished for what we believe in. Also it helps us identify with others and create a sense of self.


  1. yes i agree with you about what u said about freedom of religion

  2. I like that you mentioned how religion also allows people to identify amongst each other. It is true, but a lot of people forget about this or looked past it.


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