Thursday, April 21, 2011

Writing exercise 4

William Bradford
During the research for writing exercise 3, I learned that William Bradford left everything
he had behind in order to live out his beliefs. When he was 18 he moved to a town of Scrooby
to join a group of separatists, then years later came over to America with his wife and others
who shared the same beliefs as him on the Mayflower. When they arrived his wife had fallen
over board and drown. He kept records for the colony and later became the governor and served
for 36 years, which ended up being a few months before his death.

Freedom of religion is one of the most important freedoms in my eyes, because in America we are told we can be anything we would like to be. If we did not have this freedom and had to follow the laws and practices of a certain religion then America would not be "The land of the free" so to speak. Even though we have this freedom there are still people/religious groups out there that will disagree with others if they don't have the same beliefs as they do, and sometime verbally abuse others or worse. With this freedom it helps strengthen the concept of individuality for those that believe in God and those who don't believe in God. If people choose to have a different religion or no religion at all then let them, after all it is their life not ours.


  1. I think the information on William Bradford was interesting on how he was a seperatist. This show the importants of religious freedom to him and how it is true for most people in America.

  2. I think that voicing disagreeing with someone because they have different beliefs then you is fine, but not when your disagreement becomes harmful.


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