Thursday, April 21, 2011

The very best of what i learned about Anne Hutchinson was that even though she got banished from her hometown, her family and 60 other devoted followers went with her to a new town to start over. She stood up for her beliefs and did not stand down just because she was in trouble.
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Freedom of religion is very important for Americans. I find being able to believe whatever i want, without anyone telling me how to think is very important and i do not think i would give up anything for this right. This freedom of people believing different things can cause great troubles. Some people believe only they are right and starts fights, or will discriminate against others just because of their religion. It takes great strenth to stand up for your believes when everyone else is not the same as you.


  1. People do think certain beliefs are better in our country. I think that is wrong. In fact, I agree with you and think we should be able to continue our beliefs the way we want to without being judged. Unfortunately though, that is not how America works and we are judged for what we do believe.

  2. individual beliefs are core to our society. however, respecting other's beliefs is not... should it be? yes, but people are always going to disagree over beliefs. however, if we all shared a common beliefe, we wouldn't have the america that we all know and love. plus, people enjoy the drama of arguing over what they believe.

  3. yes i agree that freedom of religion is important to everyone. this what this country is about being able to practice the religion you wish to

  4. I agree, freedom of religion is important and I'm glad that I have this right as well. I can't imagine having someone tell me what I can and can't believe in.


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