Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exercise 4: Religion

The best thing I learn in the research about Anne Hutchinson is that she is a women that fight for what she believe in the religious she learn from her father and self-study she did. There are lots of people support her. The crime she did was her religious believe is different from the colony's leader. Anne is a women and fight for what religious she believe in. The other thing that I learn is that she had 15 children in 23 years. That is a big family she had.

I think it is very important to had a freedom of religious to the basic identity as Americans because lots of people come to American think there will be a better life than they had in their born country. The people come to American maybe don't want to throw aways what they believe in the reglious they had before and want to keep that.


  1. Good point on religious freedom. I personally have family members from other countries who also feel this way. They don't feel negatively towards our families religion choice and we do not frown upon his. This shows why America is such a good place and why religious feedom is so important.

  2. I agree with you because I personally came from a different country and now I can practice my religion freely.

  3. This woman was way ahead of her time. I liked your feelings about this subject. Freedom of religion makes us who we are today.


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