Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Prison Problem

During my brief research for journal two, according to a CNN article, there are roughly 7.3 million people in the prison system. these people are either incarcerated during my research for journal two, I looked into the number of people that are incarcerated in america.

The second journal that i'de like to comment on is Hinkel Schillings and Shade Pate's journal. these two older gentle men are the classic example of depression era america. both guys are exactly like my grandpa. they both love listening to the sounds of the chase. these gentlemen are fox hunters and their hunts don't end with a kill. my grandfather was a raccoon hunter and his hunts gennerally ended with a dead raccoon or two to skin. these old men definetly knew and loved their dogs, they could tell which was which and if they were on the scent or on a tree, "We've seen the sun come up lots of mornings a huntin, and not slept a wink all night. Just listen... There's all kind of voices: there's tenor, alto, bass, sopraner, and baritone." these men definetly hold a passion for the excitement about the hunt and embody the fact that many sportsmen don't hunt to kill. they're in for the thrill of the chase.

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