Monday, May 30, 2011

Stephen Hawking

Mind in a Chair

A regular black hole in science,
The center of it all
Challenging the standings,
But unable to walk.

Cambridge Math Professor
More genius than the rest.
He's lives in his chair
69 with ALS

A computer does his talking
But none could compare
His dream for solving
The theory of everything

Unable to speak for many years
Still teaching every day
He lives for the questions
Still yearns for the answers


  1. This man truly makes it obvious that anything is possible. He makes his own technology to speak and has beat the odds better than anyone ever has. Studying black holes and finding the equation for everything! This is truly amazing esspecially while having ALS.

  2. I thought you had a good person to talk about. He accomplished so much more than anyone ever thought he would, and out lived the expectations. I really liked the quotes that you shared with us from him; it let us see his personality.

  3. steven hawkin made everyone prove wrong, many people thought he would not live with illness he had but he lived on and made his own techology that help people.i would love to meet this kind guy in future.

  4. he is very strong person . he lives up to his potential


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