Sunday, May 29, 2011

Magic Walt Disney

Life begin in 1901
Born with name Walter Elias Disney
He the fourth son

When young,
Start to interests in drawing art
Sell the drawing to neighbor

He studied art and photography at school

Temporary job is created ads

Start own business
often have money problem

But become famous in the field of entertainment

Co-founder of Walt Disney Productions
As the same as Walt Disney Company
Best known motion picture producers in the world
Start the animation and theme park design
Creator of Mickey Mouse,
Famous start and the magic start as well

He is like a legend for Disneyland
He is like a magical person that start the magic in entertainment

Founder of Disneyland,
famous park around the world

He died at 1966
He is 65 years old
He is a creator
An imaginative person


  1. Huancai, I thought your presentation was really interesting. You gave a lot of information that was fun to learn.

  2. Great presentation, you taught me a lot about a man whom I never knew that much about. Walt Disney is a man who is very inspiring.

  3. your presentation was amazy, you gave us alot information that i didnt knew about it. this man right here help kids, and he inspired alot of peole.

  4. goo job on the presentation. i like how u summed up his life n a 5 minute presentation.


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