Saturday, May 28, 2011


Roy Lichtenstein had the type of art that literally went--------->

Pop Art was the game
Roy Lichtenstein was the name

I came from Manhattan
I started my art when I was young
I became fascinated with bright color
My colors are as bright as a spotlight

I moved to Ohio
My objective was fine arts
I was an Ohio State Buckeye

I took a break from school
It was time to go to WWII
I would come home to tragedy
I would come home to see my father pass away

I became a professor at Ohio State
I would only be there ten years

I moved to Cleveland to hone my skills
I decorated windows to pay the bills

I finally moved to New York City
I would start my first art studio

I was interested in making comic book art
I was not an original
I was the best at what I did
I was appreciated for my colorful work
The kids loved my work

My art exploded off the canvas like a bomb

Boom, Boom, Pow

That is the sound of my art


  1. Chad- I really liked that you had a lot of pictures. It really showed what his art was like.

  2. His art is definitely a special style. I liked how he was from OSU and really made it big.

  3. I like the picture you posted of his art also I like how you put words like boom and pow in your poem


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