Thursday, May 26, 2011

A simple beginning
A Wisconsin foundation

His mother’s influence
Simple shapes

Bright colors
Repeating patterns

Unity chapel
His first building

Form follows function
Not a wasted space

Organic colors, organic feel
House and land blend together

Brick by brick, board by board
He built his career like a foundation

First of his time, deep in fame
He rose in fame like a canted roof

White hair, white snow
Expierence etched across his face

Tweed jackets, Red Ties
Red Bricks, Brown Tiles

One of a kind
He and his buildings are one.

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  1. It is crazy that there are volumes of his work that people can read on him. He is such a famous figure and it's crazy that no one else has tried to continue building organic houses. Im sure there are some who tried but it seems his style and arrogance was one of a kind.


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