Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art creates Art

Art creates Art

dentistry school
I don't think so!

education and entertainment mixed
I can retell my father's story
a Jewish mouse

after thirteen years
underground comix movement
my creation emerged
like an animal from a cave

writing with a picture
Picasso as my inspiration
tell a story and be comical

a mutual hate
like cat and mouse
a subtle comparison
revealing extraordinary lives

the Holocaust
cat vs. mouse
Germans vs. Jews

my father speaks
I write
the World reads
the World learns


  1. He shows a lot of character to be able to show his fathers life through a comic. Very touching man, and presentation.

  2. I think that it was a very great idea for Art Spiegelman to write his father’s work in comic book. It makes it easier for young adults and elementary kids to be more educated about the subject of the holocaust.


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