Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Movements of Martha Graham

Rob Lloyd
The Movements of Martha Graham

Movement to dance
Music to moves
Contorting and twisting
To the eye as it soothes

Why I chose to be a dancer
I did not choose
I was chosen to be a dancer
Live your life with nothing to lose

With all of my movements
I wanted to begin
Not with characters or ideas
String up the violin

Dancers are messengers
The messengers of Gods
I will defy my family’s wishes
I will defy all the odds

Percussive Movements
Boom, Twist, Pop
Percussive Movements
One cannot stop

I balance like a crane
I peak like the dawn
I’m the center of all gravity
While as graceful as a swan.

At a lonely window
Passion birthed a crescent moon
And every tale spun of sorrow
And every creature’s joyous tune

Left abandoned but for movement
Left abandoned but for song
The lost forgotten ancient river
Flows now through Babylon

I worked as an instructor
Choreographer, performer
Nicknamed the mother of modern dance
Moved from colder to warmer

I move like the elements
Staggering, Still and Smooth
I’m flexible like the wind
The Mastery of the move

We are not dancers
Because we are good
We are all dancers
For our passion understood

I bestow this upon you
My own soul and gift
I’ll twirl and swirl-
And whirl and drift

The only sin is mediocrity
As to only not try
The only sin is not giving everything
I’ll do this until I die


  1. This was hands down the best poem in my opinion. Good Job! She is very inspirational and did her dream until she was in her 90's. Someone coming from nothing like her and beating all the critisism made her feat at being so inspirational is amazing.

  2. Wow! You really set the bar going first with that poem!! It was amazing! Not only your poem but your introduction, you explained her life and goals very well.

  3. This is a good poem. This poem show that she very like to dance and that created a new way for the dancer.

  4. man i really dont know what to say, ur peom is speechless hands down, but yea i like the picture that you select for you peom.

  5. This was my favorite poem! I love the picture, and the poem is absolutely amazing. The imagery, the sounds, and I love your metaphors. I thought it was cool how she always seemed to fight the current and prevailed whehter it was pressure from family or society to be a certain way. She held firm.


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