Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journal six: disabilities

Ms Pat Furlong sons and Dj Gregory were both sharing same illness. Ms Furlong were seeing here both sons were not acting normal, and she began seeing her sons falling on ground trying to lift himself up with his armpits. Dj Gregory was person that loved playing golf; he would do everything to play golf. When he was young his dads used teach him how to play golf with holding cane and swing golf ball. The one quote that I like the most is when he said “I would count how many falls I hit to the ground and I would also trying to learn of it that mistake so that it wouldn’t happen to me again”. Hear that from person who is barley can walking that’s powerful. So many people want take advantage of there both legs and this person would walk miles after miles to see the sport that he loved.
Pat furlong was amazing mother that loved her kids to death and she would do anything for them, just like when the doctor told her that her kids would never walk again and they would die on that illness they got. She started not to listing to them and began to raise money for establish a research center for her kids and other kids who have same illness. I like when she said “from the day my sons were diagnosed, I wanted to buy time.’ Who would think like that, she didn’t even care about the money and the time. Seeing those illnesses reminds me my brother son who is 7 yrs old that has autism. Seeing that kids that does talk and also having diaper .


  1. I really like that you quoted Gregory in this. It is really cool to see someone who has a disability be so full of life. It is crazy to think of how much I take for granted.

  2. i'm 100% with you, people take their legs and simple things like these for granted everyday. however just to clarify, DJ Greggory and Pat's children did not have the same disease.

  3. It is important that when we fail we need to pick ourselves back up. I like how you point out how DJ Gregory had miles to go but he remembered each fall not as a failure, but as a way to improve


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