Tuesday, May 17, 2011

journal 6

After reading mother courage and watching the video walk on I believe that the lesion to be learned is not to give up on your goal. Both set them self’s what seemed like unreachable goals and both never gave up despite the odds and the criticism they got from the people around them. The most memorable part, for me, would be all that pat had done for Duchenne research. To go around the world and research and then to start a research center the first in the world no less is a remarkable accomplishment and inspiring.

““you have to do this, I made up a big lie,, oh, my gosh-I’m crazy, I’m a lair but you have to come!” he just said, ’O.K.’” furlong shrugged.” I think he was afraid of me.”” This is the part of the story were Pat try to convenes Anderson to join the fight against Duchenne. I think this is very powerful moment were Pat lays everything on the table and actually breaks down but it works out.


  1. I agree with you. it is amazing what she did for her sons and for every one else that has been effected by Duchenne. It's really powerful to know that there are people out there fighting for things that some of us have never even heard of.

  2. I agree with you John. That was a very powerful moment. What a lady!

  3. You're right, there were no limits to what she could or would do to help children suffering from Duchenne. That's a great passage you picked to help describe her

  4. I think that when people get to the point where they want something bad enough, they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goal. This was a remarkable person who exhasted every effort inorder to help other people, even after she had not been able to help her own kids.


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