Thursday, May 12, 2011

Journal 6

The lesson to be learned from this is never give up, and believe in yourself. Both DJ and Furlong were told something they did not want to hear, but kept doing it anyways. I think what was most memorable about DJ was that he learned how to walk, and ended up walking more than 900 miles for his dream. I find that inspiring, and shows that how ever hard you try you can do whatever your want. I could not even start to think about the pain he had to go through and he seemed so happy throughout life still. They said he had to wear more than seven band aids on his toes just to stop blisters. I do not think i have the will power to continue doing that. The part i found most memorable about Mother courage is when she quoted what he son had said to her "wouldn't you want everyone cured? aren't there more kids like this?" To me, this showed that even if her sons did not get better, she was not going to stop trying to find help. They said that most parents give up after they lost their child but she did not. She kept fighting for this no matter how many doctors told her it was not going to help. She had a dream and did whatever it took to try to make it better. because of her now there are more more help for children with that disabilities and she helped alot of families.

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  1. yes i thought it was interesting that she still continue with her work after the death of her children


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