Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poem- Sally Ride

I Am More Than You Thought

I am 60 years old
I love children
And helping to accurately
Education them
Education is a priority
To me

At age 27 I obtained
A doctorate in physics

June 18th 1983
I flew with NASA
As a mission specialist
Aboard the STS-7

After the Challenger accident of 86’
I was appointed to the
Presidential Commission investigation
Then I became a college professor of Physics

Ten years ago I stated an organization
In my name
To help girls and young women pursue
Careers in science or technology
I’ve written five science books for children
And I have won countless awards

My name is Sally Ride
I was the first female to enter space
They said I couldn’t make it
That a women astronaut and physicist was as crazy as a mad bull
But my knowledge and determination swept them away like a rip current
And I proved them wrong


  1. It was pretty interesting that she supports girls going into male dominated areas of school. She truly represents upward mobility for women and the fact that she has done nearly everything men can do. The only way she could be bigger and more influential is if she were president.

  2. I enjoyed your presentation of Sally Ride because I actually had never heard of her prior to you introducing her. She led a very intersting and fulfilled life!

  3. I enjoyed your presentation and I had not heard about her before until you introducing her. She is a good upward mobility for women. She is a women but she can do the work that men can do.

  4. i like your presentation and she did things that no one kno that women would go to nasa. she is amazing women..she open alot of doors to womens.

  5. It's always nice to see women in professions dominated by men. I really enjoyed listening to your presentation and poem. Very enlightening!

  6. i didn't know anything about this lady till you informed me.... by the way i enjoyed your presentation.


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