Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Korczak Ziolkowski

“Don’t Forget Your Dreams”

From Boston to Normandy
From Clocks to Mountains
From Family to Strangers
The Storyteller left
His mark on them all

Wounded at birth without parents,
He trudged on.
Luck guided him to Mount Rushmore
Yet he seeked more.

Fought in battle at Omaha beach
He would not give up, when wounded.

Home became the Black Hills,
The center of the World.
Theirs and now his.

Through winters cold
Or broken bones
Or heart attacks
He pressed on.

With rewarding work
Came joyce happiness
A wife and ten children
Joined his life.

Blast and Blast and Blast again.
Time rolled on,
Like an hour glass in slow motion
Until fatal hour.

Sadly claimed
By deaths cold embrace
His entombment
Beneath his last great monument
There forever “Left Unknown”

But even still his dream lives on


  1. I love the flow of this poem. I had never heard of this guy, and I like how your poem embodies a strength and peace that he seemed to carry throughout his life.

  2. Very interesting! We talked about Crazy Horse a few times in this class, so hearing about the creator of it was really cool. It makes me want to go visit this place a little bit more.


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