Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Ford

“I make westerns”

I was one of the first
Nobody did it better than me
Visions in my head
Spinning like Ferris wheel

There were a lot
Of Uzis in
My western movies

I even fought
For my country
Saw bodies fly like birds

I loved directing movies,
Even though some flopped
Most of them were great
Like heaven on earth

But sometimes
I went crazy
Like the man who shot liberty

I won many awards
I was the best director ever
My movies will live on forever.


  1. I liked how you started your presentation with a question. I thought it did a good job catching people's attention.

  2. I enjoyed your sense of humor that you brought to your presentation. I think you did a good presentation on your person and kept the audience interested the whole time.

  3. I like the rhyme at the end of your poem. It really makes an impact. I also liked how you did your presentation.

  4. I like how you start your presentation with question and it was a good presentation.

  5. I liked how you got the class involved in your presentation. I never knew who john Ford was until you informed us about him.

  6. i seen a few john ford movies but never really knew anything about him. i liked your presentation and your poem is good too.

  7. good job on the presentation.. i like how u get the class attention.


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