Thursday, May 26, 2011


I Fought Goliath

My name is Harvey Milk
In high school and college
I was one of the boys
I excelled at football
I was the class clown
No one suspected there was another side to me

I went to college and majored in Mathematics
I served in the Navy and fought in the Korean War
I became a successful Wall Street banker
Unsatisfied I gave all that up
Life was calling me to do so much more

I moved to San Francisco
I settled in on Castro Street
I started my life over and began to embrace my disease
I rubbed elbows with future politicians and artists
I knew people present at the Stonewall Riots
I was ready to come out

My name is Harvey Milk

Social injustices caused me to rise from my chair
It wasn’t enough to be a business owner on Castro Street
I became the Mayor
Put a face to the people and you give them hope
I was wise about publicity and broke down stereotypes
I was peaceful and strong like the waves crashing to shore

We are gay and lesbian, we are queens, and we are transgender
Most of all we are human
I ran three times for public office before I finally won
There was criticism and roadblocks
Amid death threats, I prevailed
It was a huge win for us
I changed the face of politics

My life was about getting the freedom to be who I wanted
Freedom for everyone like me to live openly
I firmly believed amid all the chaos
Hope was all this world needed
Danger lurks around every corner
Progress cannot be made from fear

If a bullet should enter my brain
Let that bullet destroy every closet door
I wasn’t trying to become a martyr
I was just a guy trying to make things fair
I was the dove that flew out and came back with the olive branch
My name is Harvey Milk

By Karis Jones


  1. What an influential person! He definitely deserves the recognition that he got. A sad ending to his life though.

  2. You had an amazing person!! I really want to do my own reading about him and watch the movie, he sounds very interesting and influential. I think you did a fantastic job of introducing him and had a great poem to go along with it.

  3. Very inspiring ma. He overcame a lot of adversity. It's too bad that the man who took his life didn't get what he deserved.

  4. He seems like a very interesting man. It's a shame his life was cut so short. Very good poem!


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