Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rubrics by Kubrick

In such a wicked world where we live

We close our eyes so as not to give,

Where there is so much violence, insanity and disease

My brother, My brother, please

So hiding these truths in books is something we all can agree

Never wanting them to reach the Hollywood lights shining on the bright marquee,

But at last there is a man named Stanley who corrects these things

His truths rising like water from the springs

His screenplay and direction in A Clockwork Orange revealed our true selves as we are today

While his 2001: A Spaceship Odyssey spoke of computers named Hal who fail to obey,

Although his works are considered science fiction

I’m left wondering if they’re not a true prediction

For aren’t all visionaries suppose to foresee what’s ahead

And speak those words better left unsaid,

Because our tomorrows are like looking onto the open sea

We need a captain to keep our ship clear and free

Stanley Kubrick takes us to that place

Which is normally so difficult to embrace,

But eventually our eyes open and we try to see

All those things that Stanley has brought for you and me


  1. I really enjoyed your presentation of Stanley Kubrick. I think your poem did a good job embodying his person. The one tid-bit fact that I found rather interesting was that he was an avid Chess Enthusiast.

  2. I agree with Rob. Even though he was a very interesting person through his work, I liked what you presented with his other hobbies. Also, good job at presenting your poem!

  3. I love the picture you chose, and I really enjoyed your presentation. I could tell you were really into this assignment. I've never seen a Clockwork Orange but all my friends have said its a great movie. Definitely have to see it now!


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