Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jared Robinson Journal six

Both stories Mother Courage and Walk On are very moving. It is amazing what people are capable of no matter what the situation. From these stories I feel that the main thing to learn is, if you fall down, get back up. From Mother Courage, the quote that was most memorable to me is when she talked to the doctor about her kids. "There is no hope and no help--just take them home and love them. They're going to die. Duchenne is a genetic condition, coded on the mother's X chromosome, and is usually inherited. the doctor upbraided her, she says, for having had a second boy, you should have known about this. This is a familial disease, it's genetic, you have it in your family. I said, I don't. You could have prevented the second pregnancy, or you could have aborted the second pregnancy." This was amazing to me that the doctor could be so blunt to her about her issues she was facing. It took a moment like this for her to become stern and stand up for herself and her strive to save her children. Also, it is crazy to think that disabilities like this can happen to anyone and people take their lives for granted.
The point of walk on that stuck out the most for me was when DJ Gregory is talking about his adventure. He explains how he doesn't like to watch himself on television. "When I see myself on t.v., I just have to turn my head", says DJ. The reporter asks him why and he simply says he is embarrased. Sometimes I feel like people look at disabled people like they can't funtion at all. Where in reality, they have feelings too just like DJ. One other thing that I found awesome is how these announcers and players in the PGA recognized him in the first place and gave him something to live for that he was proud of. The only connection I can make to my own life is the impact these stories had on me. Just like Kenny Perry the PGA pro said, "we are out here playing golf and complaining, yet he is living with a disability and isn't complaining about anything." I look at the times I feel like my life is bad and then you look at people who struggle everyday just to be independent. It is a reality changer to see that there are people who have it way worse and we should appreciate the life we have.


  1. The quote you share shocked me as well. It seemed that since the doctor had no answer or cure for what was going on he put the blame on the mother. It's almost as if he's trying to defend himself for not knowing by telling the mother that she should have known.

  2. I loved that the announcers took D.J. under their wing and gave him oppurtunities to have access behind the scenes of golf. I also thought it was cool he created lasting relationships with them as well.

  3. I liked that you added the quote from the reading about the doctor telling Pat she should have aborted the second pregnancy. I think that was so wrong!! He not only made her feel bad about bring a sick child into the world but also made her feel like she was the cause of it.

  4. I completely agree with you. I know that I take life for granted and complain about things when they are going down hill. However, I read or watch something like this and realize how crazy it is that they are so positive and have to deal with a disability everyday.


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