Thursday, May 12, 2011

Journal six: Disabilities?

At the "Mother Courage" reading, the most memorable that Pat Furlong didn't given up on her two son and even through is it difficult to found a treatment for them to cured. Pat Furlong didn't give up on finding a treatment for duchenne even when her two son had already pass away. When she was looking for the treatment for the duchenne, she had become a leader of Parent Project. Her son was one that give her a reason do not give up on the project and continue with the research for help other people. I like this quote from the reading: Chris said to me, 'Why are upset?' and I said, 'I just want you two cured.' And he said, 'Do you think it's fair if it's just Pat and me?' Just in a very weird kind of kid like way. 'Wouldn't you want everyone cured? Aren't there more kids like this?' This show that even her sons know what will happen to them and they face to truth, didn't give up until their last minute of their life. That kind relate to the video, Walk On, DJ Gregory didn't give up on walking and play golf even through it is difficult for him to walk. DJ Gregory didn't give up on walking even through the doctor said he can't walk when he was young. He enjoy what he is doing even through have difficult and slower than other walk on through the golf tournament. He had work hard for what he do.

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  1. I think that if we all were as strong as DJ Gregory or Pat Furlong, that the world would be a better place.


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