Thursday, May 12, 2011

DJ Gregory

DJ Gregory like so many other people with disabilities are always such an inspiration. To watch anyone achieve their goals through their obstacles is always nice to see but when someone is disabled it touches your heart in a different way.  It always amazes me how those of us who are born without a birth defect or disability usually can find something to complain about, or come up with an excuse of why we can't accomplish something.  But, others who are disabled and could possibly make an argument usually just find a way to accomplish their goal and do it.  One of my good friends named Michaelea was born with a disability.  Her parents were told by the doctors after she was born, that she was blind and she will never be able to walk.  Her mother, always envisioned that Michaelea would someday walk and be able to see.  Well after several years of being determined to learn how to walk, Michaelea finally walked.  However, not only is she walking, Michaelea has received her Associate Degree from Columbus State and her Bachelors Degree from The Ohio State University, she is currently planning on going back to school to obtain her Masters Degree.  Although, she is still unable to see, she doesn't allow her disability to stop her from achieving her goals.  She is now a mother and has a one year old to keep up with while working full time.  I have so much admiration for individuals like DJ Gregory and Michaelea.  They do not allow their disabilities to hinder them from accomplishing their goals and through their determination it helps to inspire others.

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  1. I think you're absolutely right when you said people with disabilities are always such an inspiration. It always seems to me and I'm guilty of it too- that the grass is always greener on the other side, and yet we're never just thankful for everything we already have. It's great to hear that your friend is doing so well and it's a great story.


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