Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journal 4- Holding On

The two profiles that meant the most to me were easily Moreese Bickham, The prisoner at the Louisiana State Penitentiary and Amos Powers, the owner of the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard. I liked them both for the same reason, simply put, for me they had the most emotional connection to them. I literally felt sad for both of them, and although there stories were very different in nature, it made the reader want to jump in the book and give them both hugs and appealed to the emotional heartstrings. They both also held firm to their beliefs, one being that he was innocent, and the other being that although it's a middle of nowhere graveyard for dogs, it has a certain prestige and he wouldn't just let anyone bury their pet there.
As far as themes or ideas connecting these stories to today's world, I think a theme that could be easily pointed out is that of conviction. Both parties had a conviction and belief for what they believed in. In today's world that is seen in many places, people fighting for their own convictions. The same can be said for a lesson learned from these 2 profiles. Although many people hold their convictions close, there are just as many people who do not and will bend to the overall will of society, greediness, or corruption. Many people will lose their values along the way because of all these things, a good example would be politics. I think many politicians start with good intentions, but end up like most the rest, thus everyone assumes all politicians are corrupt. The lesson being, although difficult at times, not fair, or recognized, holding true to who you are or your beliefs is what makes you an individual and unique.


  1. I agree, both those stories made me sad from reading them and wanted to go talk to them.

  2. I agree that most politicains start out with good intentions, but I think were they go bad is the fact that people have to work almost life long for a party before they can win election into public office. By that point they have had to make so many moral compromises they see no problem with making a few more. Again some not all.

  3. I also saw Amos Powers to be emotionally strong and found it cool how someone could have that much passion for the legacy for something as simple as a dog. I feel like men like Amos really could carry on the stories that men like Hinkel Shillings and Shade Pate may have shared.

  4. I liked the fact that Moreese Bickham never gave up hope, even though he knew he was going to be behind bars for many years


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