Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journal 4

The two profile in Holding On that I like are Fred Bloodgood and Virginia Belle Brewer. I like those two profile because that they both know what they want to do and keep doing what they like to do. Both are enjoy what they do and that keep them going.
Fred Bloodgood know what he what to do after he get out of school and he get the job he want to work at. The theme for his profile is youth dreams because when he still child, he want to do the sideshow and when he get out of school, he did get the job he want to do in the circus.
Virginia Belle Brewer like to collected bell and she had collected three thousand, two hundred and thirty different bells from fifty states and seventy six countries. She open a museum for people to see but no one go to it. Even through she didn't make any money out of and she still want to continue the museum. That what make her to keep on and that what she like to do.
Each person had something to keep on something they like and willing to work on the things they like.

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  1. I think that you made a very accurate theme Huancai: Youth Dreams. It's clearly seen in both bios that they found something they loved at a younger age and for the rest of their life have either dedicated a portion of their life in sustaining it, or the rest of their life looking back at the time they had. It's almost a nostalgia feeling they get when thinking or admiring their dreams.


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