Tuesday, May 3, 2011

journal 4

The two profiles that meant the most to be were Tommie Bass the folk doctor and Jim Bishop the castle builder. This two meant the most to me because they both did something they loved and believed in even if they got no money out of it. There were a lot other profiles that was the same, i think i just like what this two guys did and found it more interesting. Folk medicine is seen today with more people trying to be green and more healthier, more people are turning to natural ways of cures. Jim bishops profile was about his dream to build a house in the mountains and how it turned into so much more. I think this because he did not just go for the normal, he went beyond and used his imagination. I think its important in today's world to use your imagination and not just stop at the norm expected. I don't think you would hear many people today say they are going to build a castle, they will just say they are going to build a house, and not many people would build it by themselves.

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