Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roberta Blackgoat

The story that meant the most to me in Holding On was Roberta Blackgoat's story.  She is Native American activist who resides in Big Mountain, Arizona.  She works as a sheepherder and believes in her heart that the land upon where her ancestors are buried still remains to be sacred ground.  While the government has tried to remove her from the land, she refuses to leave.  She has been harassed and jailed numerous times but will not give up on what she believes in.  The reason this I was so moved by this story, is because you typically do not see an activist movement being led and initiated by a Native American great-grandmother.  She lives a humble life without the conveniences of electricity and running water and appears to be very content upon the land in which she resides.  It's always nice to see people take pride in their possessions and be willing to stand for what they believe in.  She is dedicated to helping her children and other generations to come to sustain the opportunity to uphold their culture, heritage and belief which are always very good attributes to carry on and uphold. 


  1. I agree that Roberta Blackgoat's is a stronge women for that time and never give up what she believe at.

  2. I agree with you Rhonda and think it is nice to see someone that is content with what they have. They aren't asking for more or less, but just want to live peacefully where she feels is her home. I also think it's good to see someone that is typically so passive and kept to themselves, be a might voice and stand when the time is right to fight for what you believe in.


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