Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moreese Bickham

While there were many interesting stories in Holding On, I would choose Moreese Bickham as being another one of my favorites along with Roberta Blackgoat as I stated earlier on a different blog post.  Moreese Bickham sustained a good outlook on life despite his circumstances.  Life can be so unpredictable and take a quick turn within seconds, which can ultimately change our lives forever as we read in Moreese Bickham's situation.  Yet despite the obstacles he learned to adjust to prison life and be content without ever giving up hope.  Also, while in prison he tried to encourage other inmates to keep a positive attitude and continued to take a lot of pride in his rosebush patch for over thirty years.  Although, Moreese and Roberta shared different life experiences, their position on life challenges remain the same.  They both were determined to stand their ground and be content within their environment while fighting for what they believed in.  Living in a world where we see a lot of discontentment, both of these individuals proved that life is what you make it and it's all up to you to be responsible and make your life to be, what you want it to be, despite all the odds against you. 

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