Thursday, May 5, 2011

journal 4

My two favorite profiles would have to be those about Johnny Tacco and Dugout Dick Zimmerman. I just loved Johnny’s story because of how much of a character he is. He was so unique in the way he looked, talked and worked. I work with many elderly people at work, some who are ww2 veterans, and I can very much see the similarity about how they still want to keep working till the day they die.

I very much enjoyed reading Zimmerman’s profile. During the whole story I kept thinking all I wanted to do is go and visit a dugout ranch. Its simplistic life style is something that seems very appealing to me because of my busy life. I think all Americans should go and visit and take load off. I believe in our modern day life we try to do too much like driving and texting. I think a return to a simplistic life would be good for us.

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