Thursday, May 5, 2011

Journal Four

For my final reflection I choose Tommie bass the folk doctor and Z. L Hill the owner of Riverside Hotel. I choose Tommie Bass because now a day you barely see people like him. He has the talent of curing the sick without prescribing any drugs or poking any needles into them. All he did was to see what kind of illness you had and he would prescribe herbs. “We don’t claim to be a doctor. Don’t have no doctor’s license, never did study it. I’m just an herbiest” (pg.64). The best thing about him was that there was no charge to his work. The theme of this article was caring. I liked reading about him for helping people and at the same time not expecting anything in return. In today’s society people do volunteering work, and they mostly do it for nothing in return.
The other theme that stood out to me was Z.L Hill she was an owner of a hotel. She welcomed all sorts of people into her place, but mostly guys. Everyone man that came there would call her momma. She would take care of anyone who came to her place. She would treat them as her own children. The theme of this profile to me was caring and motherhood. I choose these two themes because for one this lady cared for everyone who came into her hotel and second she acted as a mother to everyone. You rarely see people like her today, and if you do there one in a million.

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