Thursday, May 12, 2011

Journal Six

In "Mother Courage," I found it interesting how hard she (Furlong) tried to get her sons to enjoy life longer than she thought they had. She was very determined to come up with a cure or have a doctor come up with a cure. I learned that I should never give up, even when something does not work out. For example, in Mother Courage, when her sons passed away, she still worked on the project. This way she may be able to help other people in the future. Furlong went to many doctors around the US to see if they had a cure; to her dismay, they did not. She also talked to anyone about the situation, and she did not just talk to people one on one, but she talked at a convention. It said, "As a physician, you meet with parents one at a time; you don't go into rooms filled with them." However, Furlong did go and talk to people in a large crowd.
In the video, Walk On, I was able to connect to it. I have a cousin who will be 13, May 13 and he was born with Cerebral Palsy. He has had several surgeries and has been on medication for his disease all his life. He loves sports and is so interested in them. He tries to play baseball with me and the rest of our cousins. He really gets upset when we go easy on him. He does not like being treated like he has a disease. He says, "I am normal and perfectly fine." In the video they talked about it not being a long walk towards perfection but to measurability or something like that where you basically are just performing your, personal, best. From the video, I learned that anything is possible as long as you really want to pursue it. I think this video was encouraging.


  1. I agree that both stories, although sad to some extent were very encouraging and really showed that despite odds, one can push through anything and achieve his/her dream whether it be big or small. Sometimes it's not when we would like the to, but where there is a will, there is a way.

  2. yes i liked how she never gave up with what she wanted


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