Wednesday, May 4, 2011

journal 4

One of the profiles that I really liked was the one about Tommie Bass. I really liked this profile because Tommie new a lot about herbs and how they could cure some sicknesses. I liked him because he would never charger people for what he did. I think the theme about this profile would be giving to the community without expecting anything back. I think that a lesson that could be learned from this profile is to go into something because you have passion for and not just to get recognition. Tommie could have easily charged a lot of money for what he did but he didn’t he simply did it because he wanted to help the people. In today’s world this would be the same as is going to medical school to become a doctor because you to help out people and because you want to get rich from doing that.
Another one of my favorite profiles was the one about dugout Dick Zimmerman. I like this profile because it shows that people can still live in simplicity without all the technological advances we have today. One theme that his profile has would be simplicity because dick lived in a cave where he didn’t have television or any of the fancy things we have today. I think that something that we could learn from this profile is that we don’t always need to be around all this technology and that we can take a break from it and enjoy what nature has to offer.


  1. I also liked Tommie Bass a lot. Doctors make a lot of money in today society but Tommie would have rather helped people without pay.. very admirable!

  2. it's very hard to find someone like Tommie Bass in today's sociey.

  3. I agree, you just don't find a lot of people like Tommie Bass in our society today. It's almost hard to believe that people like Tommie ever existed in today's society.

  4. i also agree that to, beacause MR. Tommie bass put his time to help sick people and cure them. thats one amazing person there.


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